Wenatchee Learning Center

Wenatchee's Learning Center

We are accepting new students after school.

Email us at info@focalpointwenatchee.com for the fastest response.

Text or call us at:  509-662-9121.  We may not answer the phone while we are with other students.  

We are open from 3:15 p.m. - 7:15p.m. Monday - Thursday during the school year.  Fridays are by appointment only.  Most students see us for two sessions per week.  Each session is one hour.

During the school year, FocalPoint is open when Wenatchee Schools are open.

FocalPoint closes on school holidays and record days.

 How to get started at FocalPoint:

Meliesa explains how to get started with FocalPoint

Get Academic Coaching at FocalPoint in Wenatchee, where students

unlock their potential.

Many of our students get their highest grades, ever.

We teach kids how to focus.

Then we teach academic skills, like reading, writing, and math.

Coaching helps kids with attention and behavioral problems.

FocalPoint Academic Coaching is individually created for each student.  Many of our students go on to accelerated classes in school. 

FocalPoint -- Empower Your Mind

Reading Instruction

We coach Wenatchee area readers with fluency and comprehension problems.

With our focusing strategies, students improve 1 - 4 grade levels in just a few months.  

We have specialists trained to work with kids who struggle with learning disabilities, AD/HD and dyslexia.

Writing Classes

We have writing classes for Wenatchee area kids from grade school through college writing courses.

We coach writers with developing the basics:  grammar, fluency, style.

We also help aspiring writers develop their skills to write with flair, successfully persuade audiences and complete complex research paper assignments.

Math Classes

We coach Wenatchee area students from Kindergarten through Pre-Calc.

Our specialists work with all levels of math -- and understand how elementary students need to develop to be strong math students in high school.

We use visual-hands on strategies -- different from most math classrooms.

Our visual methods can teach the times tables and basic math facts in just a few sessions -- with no memorization!

FocalPoint math students understand math, and that helps them continue to be strong math students as they go through school.

Behavior Assistance

Our specilists are trained to handle the behavior problems that often accompany academic struggles.

We use individually tailored motivation plans to help students realize why they want to succeed -- and push themselves to do so.

Our specialists have experience assisting students with moderate to severe behavior problems due to AD/HD, learning disabilities, oppositional defiance disorder or Ausberger's.  

We can help make learning feel good for your student.

Tutor.  Tutors.  Tutoring.  After school program.  Learning help.  Reading.  Math.  -- FocalPoint is your solution.

Reading instruction, math tutoring, ADHD help