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FocalPoint summer hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 9:30am - 6:30pm. Students who spend their summer at FocalPoint go into the school year with their skills and test scores up. Students who take the summer off lose an average of 3 months’ growth.

You worked so hard in the spring. Don’t lose it. A little work over the summer makes you READY for school.


Our Services

Our trained, professional teachers act as your academic coach. We teach kids how to focus, then we teach skills like reading, writing, and math. Many of our students get their best grades, ever.

Our academic coaching is individually created to meet the needs of each student.

Don’t just study — Empower your Mind

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Attention and Behavior

Many students need help with attention and behavior.

Our focusing strategies help students learn how to pay attention longer. Focus is a skill, and we teach it and help our student practice to master it. Students with ADHD find this work particularly helpful.

We have behavior strategies for students who have learned ways to avoid school work. We can work together with parents so that your students sits down, gets the work done, and does a quality job.

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Reading Help

We use best practices to get you the greatest improvement in reading. Our students often improve as much as a full grade level over the summer.

We combine reading, writing, and writer’s workshop to improve reading comprehension skills.

We use evidence-based strategies to improve reading fluency and speed. Our specialists know how to help kids with reading disabilities and dyslexia.

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FocalPoint Math

We teach math K-college, so we help learners master the current level and prepare to graduate successfully.

We use visual strategies to master computation skills first. Then we work on deeper mathematical understanding to set kids up for success in high school and college.

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Anything worth having or doing is built in small pieces over time.

— Meliesa Tigard, Director


Wenatchee’s Best

We have a solution for every learner. Our experienced professionals can individually tailor a learning solution for your student.

If you are looking for a tutor, a reading tutor, a math tutor, FocalPoint has professional teachers that can give you more help and get more reading improvement and math improvement than tutoring can.