Attention and Behavior


Download our free report on helping kids with attention/focus problems:

  • We can help your child with paying attention and focusing in class.

  • Focus and balance are the same part of the brain. Some of our kids do balance related activites -- like walking the high wire.

  • Here is a picture a student took from atop the high wire at Wenatchee Youth Circus.

  • You can also take a look at our podcast on some tools we use at FocalPoint to help kids focus.

All Behavior is an Attempt to Meet A Need

All Behavior is an Attempt to Meet A Need

FocalPoint -- More Than Tutoring

Since 1999 we have been Wenatchee’s premier full service learning center. For more success in school and life, we are your solution. We teach simple strategies to be more successful inside and outside the classroom.

Our success and behavior strategy programs set us apart from all the tutors in town. Rather than just putting more pages in front of a frustrated student, we see each student as a whole person. Academic trouble can be caused by disorganization, lack of motivation, fear, stress, and anxiety. We work with our student to help them find their motivation, learn to organize, and overcome the emotional blocks that come with academic trouble.

We treat the whole person -- not just the symptom. That is the Academic Coaching difference.

Academic Coaching at FocalPoint

Focus Your Mind

Have you ever found your mind wandering while you try to work? Focus helps you keep on track at work, and makes school easier.

If you find your workdays slipping away from you, you need focus. Your children can raise grade levels in skill once they start using focus.

Your Student Can Find Success in School

Your Student Can Find Success in School

Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Many student find themselves getting stressed at school and during homework time. This stress can lead students to develop test anxiety. We teach students how to offset stress as they work by using body movement and simple relaxation techniques. Students who know these simple strategies can be more successful with fewer discipline problems in classrooms.

Success Strategies

Some students simply have trouble achieving their goals. They want success, but tell themselves they cannot. They have trouble with motivation and organizational strategies. They do not get homework done, or they do it and then do not turn it in. At FocalPoint, students learn effective techniques to set and achieve your goals. We study success strategies so you don’t have to.

Increase your motivation and get more out of life.