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Meliesa Tigard, Director

Meliesa is a teacher, an Academic Coach, and an award-winning writer and speaker. She earned a degree with High Honors from the Honors College of the University of Montana.

She completed a two year post-graduate licensing program and worked at learning centers in San Francisco and Seattle before moving home to open FocalPoint in Wenatchee.  

Tigard has been honored for her many academic achievements as a Presidential Leadership Scholar, and has been honored at the American Academy of Achievement and the Banquet of the Golden Scroll.

During the years Tigard was being honored for her academic achievements, she was struggling with ADHD.  Meliesa used the methods she teaches to overcome ADD symptoms and master math.  

She was eventually able to “make her worst thing her best thing,” and is the author of Math Mapping. Today, Meliesa would rather teach math than anything else, because she has been there.

Teresa Ladd, Academic Coach

Teresa has been coaching students at FocalPoint since 2004. She is a teacher in a local school district, but enjoys the effective, small group environment of a learning center.

She specializes in reading and math instruction, and has assisted many FocalPoint Kids to incredible improvements in reading fluency, comprehension and writing.

Teresa is a certified Math Mapping Instructor, and her students learn their basic math facts to 95% accuracy in just a few sessions. Because she teaches math from Kinder through 8th grade, Teresa understands how to teach math to young kids for long term success.

She is kind to her students, keeps her sense of humor even when they get frustrated, and FocalPoint Parents tell us they think she is great.